Patient Registration

You may preregister with our office by filling out our secure online Patient Registration Form. After you have completed the form, please make sure to press the Submit button at the bottom to automatically send us your information. On your first visit to our office, we will have your completed form available for your signature. The security and privacy of your personal data is one of our primary concerns and we have taken every precaution to protect it.

Online Patient Registration

TMJ/ TMD Questionnaire

Please fill this form out and bring it with you to your consultation if you are having your jaw joint evaluated.


Medical Appointment Authorization for a Minor

appointment authorization form

Medical Treatment Authorization for a Minor

treatment authorization form

What to expect for your appointment

Your Dentist has referred you to Dr. Fenton for the oral surgery portion of your dental treatment plan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are multiple modifications to the usual appointment processes.

● Your referral will be transferred to Dr Fenton by email, fax, or mail

● Call Bristol Oral Surgery and Implant Center (860-540-4220) to schedule a consultation

● You will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors multiple times throughout this process. Please notify the office if you experience any COVID symptoms 14 days before or after your appointment in the office

● Complete the online patient registration

● You can also submit supporting documents after submitting the registration or by email to [email protected]

○ insurance cards, picture identification, radiographs, referral letters, consent forms, guardianship paperwork, etc

● If you have a Teledentistry consultation (via GotoMeeting):

please make sure you have good internet connectivity, lighting, and a working microphone and webcam. Medical and Dental history will be reviewed, limited examination performed, and discussion of pertinent information related to your needs

● Day of your procedure:

○ Call the office (860-540-4220) upon arrival to be escorted into the facility
Patients and companions must wear face coverings (come alone if possible)
○ Temperature and questionnaire COVID screening will be performed
○ Document signatures will be obtained
○ Examination and Treatment Plan will be finalized
○ Procedure performed and home care / follow instructions provided

● After your procedure: contact Dr Fenton with any concerns or questions, and notify the office if you start to have any COVID symptoms within 14 days of the appointment

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible. Appointments without sedation/ anesthesia services require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation to be rescheduled. Appointments with sedation/ anesthesia services require at least 72 hours (3 business days) notice for cancellation to be rescheduled.

If insufficient notice, or no notice for appointment cancellation is provided, your appointment may not be rescheduled. You will be allowed to be added to our “same day only” list for appointment rescheduling. This means that appointments without sedation/ anesthesia services will only be allowed to be scheduled on the same day as the appointment if availability exists. Appointments without sedation/ anesthesia services will only be allowed to be scheduled the day prior to the appointment if availability exists. Patients that do not comply with sedation/ anesthesia preoperative instructions will be offered the procedure without sedation, or their appointment will be considered as a cancellation with insufficient notice. 

We understand that “same day” appointments are frequently not available, so it is extremely important to honor your scheduled appointment, or provide sufficient notice. Exceptions will be made for medical emergencies with a Doctor’s note.